May 23, 2015

Biker hurt after Ormskirk crash

A motorcyclist was taken to Southport hospital on Thursday night after being knocked of his bike on Parker Crescent, Ormskirk.

The emergency services were called to the incident which happened just after 8.00 pm after a Toyota Yaris pulled out from the side of the road, hitting the passing rider.

He initially refused treatment but was later taken to hospital for a check up said a police PR officer.

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May 23, 2015

Angry reaction to town centre parking crackdown

A well known Ormskirk take away owners spoke of his sour, not sweet reaction to getting two parking tickets this week after a new landlord started a crackdown on parking on private land off Leyland Way.

Unfortunate George Seow of Food4U was ticketed on Monday and Thursday along with other shop owners as they parked in their regular (now deemed illegal) space behind Wheatsheaf Walk.

Wardens working for UKPC parking on behalf of Capita Property booked George; he and three others are now appealing the fines.
George told QLocals Roger Blaxall that the owners of the shops on Burscough St have to be at their business most or all of the day and cant be expected to park at their own expense on one of the local car parks at over 10 or more a day for up to six days a week.
Meanwhile, business owners with their own private parking ripped down a sign the same morning it was erected by UKPC, pointing out they can park within six foot of a shop wall to the right of the disputed area.

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May 22, 2015

Arresting night out for local youth group

Ormskirk bobby PC Mick Ginn ensured an Aughton youth group enjoyed an arresting night out this week.

Members of Energise, the Tuesday night meeting for nine early teens at Aughton Park Baptist Church, spent almost an hour at the police station with PC Ginn giving them a fascinating insight into his life as a town centre community bobby.

They had a good look round a police car, spent time in one of the cells, visited the custody suite all the time asking lots of questions as Mick showed his kit to maintain law and order in Ormskirk.

He explained that much of his work is to do with safeguarding children and young people - and that hes not averse to taking teens home to meet their parents if they step on the wrong side of the law like the 14-year-old found smoking in the town centre this week.
CCTV cameras play a vital role in his work, but he doesnt just rely on 'Big Brother', favouring the personal touch when out on patrol.
Some of the young lads were very keen to find out if the police had ever shot anyone locally and Mick was able to say no but then smiled as he told recalled the bull which had to be shot in a china shop of all places in Lancaster...
Pastor Billy McCurrie wound the evening up by reminding everyone how we should pray for all people in authority, including the Police, before the arresting night out came to an end.

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May 22, 2015

Wyre’s beaches win Seaside Awards

Four beaches in Wyre will be flying flags this year that tell the public they are amongst the best in the country.

Ferry Beach in Fleetwood, plus Rossall Beach and Jubilee Beach in Cleveleys have all retained Seaside Awards for another year and Marine Beach in Fleetwood has achieved the award for the first time.

Keep Britain Tidy's Seaside Awards recognise the cleanest beaches with the best facilities. They are quality marks and mean those visiting them can be sure that they are clean and safe and meet top environmental standards, as well as required bathing water quality standards.

Wyre's beaches are subject to regular and extensive cleaning to make sure they are in tip top condition for residents and visitors.

The council also works closely with other organisations across the North West on a variety of initiatives to improve the quality of beaches and bathing waters, from building new flood defences and sustainable drainage to reducing pollution from sewage systems, agricultural land and surface water outfalls.

A growing number of dedicated volunteer groups carry out beach cleans up and down Wyre's coast and have been instrumental in securing the awards.

Members of the public are encouraged to embrace the LOVEmyBEACH campaign and do their bit; this includes picking up litter and dog mess, complying with dog bans on Jubilee Beach and Marine Beach during the summer season and not feeding birds.

To find out more and get involved in your local beach care group visit

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May 22, 2015

Aughton ‘danger dogs’ fear sparks petition

A leading Aughton councillor has spoken of his fears over a decision to allow two dogs returned after an unprovoked attack on a man late last year.

Police descended on the property on The Rowans after a man who'd called to see his friend to go golfing was set upon by the dogs which were confiscated.
A recent court hearing saw them returned to its owner who lives at the top of the Rowans in a gated house and is a relative of the Hargreaves (Matalan) family.

The adjoining house is now up for sale and a petition was started a few weeks ago which Coun. David O'Toole spoke about at the May meeting of Aughton Parish Council.
QLocal reporter Roger Blaxall was told by one neighbour who declined to be named that the dog attack was sparked by the would be golfer slamming his boot shut after removing his clubs.
Said Coun. OToole: "Dog owners must always accept responsibility their dogs behaviour and control their animals in a proper way to ensure that both people and other dogs are safe from unprovoked and vicious attacks."

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May 22, 2015

Calls for inquiry after hospital data breach

Calls are growing for a full enquiry after it was revealed the Trust that runs Blackpool's hospitals published confidential details of thousands of members of staff online.

Information including salary details and National Insurance numbers were published on the website of the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where they stayed for 11 months.

Staff affected have been written to and a helpline has also been set up.

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